The Two Krishnas is a sensual and searing look at infidelity and the nature of desire and faith. At the center of the epic novel is Pooja Kapoor, a betrayed wife and mother who is forced to question her faith and marriage when she discovers that her banker husband Rahul has fallen in love with a young Muslim illegal immigrant man. Faced with the potential of losing faith in Rahul, divine intervention and family, she is forced to confront painful truths about the past and the duality in God and husband.

The lush novel draws inspiration from archetypal Hindu mythology and romantic Sufi poetry, evoking unforgettable characters to explore how, with a new world come new freedoms, and with them, the choices that could change everything we know about those we thought we knew, including ourselves. Narrated from the perspective of the wife, husband and lover, The Two Krishnas is a classic tale of love and loss set in Kenya, India and finally, Los Angeles, where it culminates in an epic conclusion.

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"In The Two Krishnas, a novel filled with unexpected turns and beauty, Ghalib Shiraz has examined with perceptive compassion the complex and heart-wrenching ties that bind families, and the secret desires that pull them apart."

Chitra Divakaruni, best-selling author of The Palace of Illusions.

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